Mostly landscape and cityscape paintings. For a tag cloud of the painters see bottom of the page. Because the tag cloud allows only 45 names, all the painters are are included in the category list at bottom of the page.

Compton Verney Collection

Caspar van Wittel – Compton Verney Collection. Posillipo with the Palazzo Donn’Anna, Naples, Italy (1700)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 72.7 x 170.3 cm. Acquisition date: 2001. Source:

Gaspar van Wittel, went to Naples in 1699 at the invitation of the Spanish Viceroy, Don Luis de la Cerda, 9th Duke of Medinaceli. The Duke commissioned over thirty view paintings from the artist, including this one of the Bay of Naples (

Canaletto – Compton Verney Collection. The Grand Walk, Vauxhall Gardens, London (c. 1751)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 51 x 76 cm. Nr.: ? Source:

n 1746, Venetian painter, etcher and draughtsman Canaletto moved to Britain, hoping to secure patronage from many of those who had been on the Grand Tour and for whom he had worked in Italy. Vauxhall Gardens was one of the most fashionable venues for public entertainment in London.

Located in Kennington on the south bank of the River Thames and known as New Spring Gardens until 1785, Vauxhall Gardens became a venue for musical performances, including George Frederick Handel’s ‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’ in 1749, which attracted an audience of over 12,000 (