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Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

Meindert Hobbema – Glasgow Museums Resource Centre 30. River Landscape with Fishermen (c. 1659-1660)

Materials: oil on panel. Dimensions: 46.7 x 67.3 cm. Nr.: Accession No:
30. Source:…. P.S. I have changed the light, contrast and colors of the original photo.

Although this painting entered the collection as a Hobbema, by the beginning of the 20th century it had been attributed to school of Ruisdael, Hobbema’s master, and to the landscapist Jan van Kessel.

By the 1930s it was once more attributed to Hobbema and, since 1964 when an examination revealed the signature to be genuine, it has been accepted without question as a Hobbema. Doubts about the painting were due to the fact that it is an early work, dating from the late 1650s. It is close in composition to a painting attributed to Ruisdael and may well have been painted while Hobbema was a pupil in his studio. Almost all Hobbema’s river scenes are early works, inspired by Ruisdael’s landscapes.

Throughout his career Hobbema loved to include trees in his paintings and in this work the strong clump of trees perfectly balances the broad sweep of the river which leads the eye to the distance. The figures are an equally important part of the scene, establishing the scale of the landscape (