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University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection

Jacob van Ruisdael – National Galleries of Scotland NGL 033.84 (on loan from The University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection). The Banks of a River (1649)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 134 x 193 cm. Nr.: NGL 033.84. Source:

This is an imaginative panoramic river scene based on studies made from nature. The large expanse of sky, and the contrast between the wooded hillside and the open view of the river and its opposite bank contribute to the scene’s spacious grandeur. The distant town, inspired by Ruisdael’s drawings of the town of Rhenen, on the Rhine, includes the distinctive tower of the church of St Cunera and the twin towers of the watergate. The figures were probably painted by his friend Nicolaes Berchem or by Philips Wouwerman. Collaboration between Dutch artists with different specialities was not uncommon (

Meindert Hobbema – The University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection EU 718. A Wooded River Valley with two Fishermen (c. 1659)

Materials: oil on panel. Dimensions: 47 x 68.6 cm. Inscriptions: front ll ‘M. Hobbema’. Nr.: EU 718. Source:

Jacob van Ruisdael – The University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection. A Wood Scene (1649)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 61 x 74 cm. Nr.:? Source: P.S. I have changed the light of the original photo.

A woodscene on the banks of a sluggish river, with small figures angling and trees typical of Ruisdael’s masterly manner. This painting is an important early work related to a simpler landscape of 1647. The figures are by a different hand, possibly Philip Wouwermans. (