Mostly landscape and cityscape paintings. For a tag cloud of the painters see bottom of the page. Because the tag cloud allows only 45 names, all the painters are are included in the category list at bottom of the page.

Cornelis Lieste

Cornelis Lieste – private collection. Heidelandschap bij Oosterbeek (c.1855)

Cornelis Lieste – private collection. Title: Heidelandschap bij Oosterbeek. Date: c.1855. Materials: oil on panel. Dimensions: 70.9 x 95.2 cm. Source: I have changed the light and contrast of the original photo.

Cornelis Lieste – Rademakers collection RC01:RC044 (paneel). Landscape with crescent moon/Landschap met maansikkel (?, 1837-1861)

Materials: oil on panel. Dimensions: 53 x 77. Nr.: RC01:RC044 (paneel). Source:

Cornelis Lieste – Rademakers collection RC01:RC043 (paneel). Landschap met eenzaam koppel bij zonsondergang/Landscape with a couple alone at sunset (? ,1837-1861)

Materials: oil on panel. Dimensions: 60 x 79 cm. Nr. RC01:RC043 (paneel). Source: