Mostly landscape and cityscape paintings. For a tag cloud of the painters see bottom of the page. Because the tag cloud allows only 45 names, all the painters are are included in the category list at bottom of the page.

Willem Koekkoek

Willem Koekkoek – private collection. Children and Travellers along the Canal (1868)


Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 64.1 x 100.6 cm. Inscriptions: W. Koekkoek. 68 (lower right). Sold by Sotheby’s in New York, on May 4, 2012. Source: I have changed the light, contrast and colors of the original photo.

Willem Koekkoek – museum? Winter City View (c. 1860-1895)


Materials: ?. Dimensions: ? Source: P.S. I have changed the contrast of the original photo.

Willem Koekkoek – National Gallery NG6472. View of Oudewater (c 1867)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 64.8 x 84.4 cm. Inscriptions: signed. Acquisition date: 1982. Source: P.S.: I have changed the colors and the light of the original photo.

The small town of Oudewater is on the River Ijssel between Gouda and Utrecht. The clock tower to the left of centre in the distance is that of the Grote Kerk (church of St Michael). Much of the rest of the scene is probably intended to be picturesque rather than topographically accurate. This picture has been dated by comparison with other works by the artist (