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Kimbell Art Museum

Jacob van Ruisdael – Kimbell Art Museum AP 1989.01. Rough Sea at a Jetty (1650s)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 98.5 x 131.4 cm. Nr.: AP 1989.01. Source:

Among his most highly valued works, Ruisdael’s rare marine paintings reveal the scope of his genius, as they convey the transitory and changeable face of nature. Rough Sea at a Jetty represents the approach of a violent storm. The scene is taken from a jetty that extends a considerable distance into the sea. At the end is a rustic beacon to guide distressed ships into harbor. Two men with long poles stand, ready to come to the aid of a vessel striving to make port through the tempestuous winds and waves that threaten its approach. The beacon appears in Dutch emblem books as a symbol of salvation in time of peril (