Mostly landscape and cityscape paintings. For a tag cloud of the painters see bottom of the page. Because the tag cloud allows only 45 names, all the painters are are included in the category list at bottom of the page.

Southampton City Art Gallery

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek – Southampton City Art Gallery 1111. View over Heidelberg (1837)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 102.9 x 120.5 cm. Acquisition date: 1942. Nr.: 1111. Source:…. P.S. I have changed the light, contrast and colors of the oriignal photo.

Jacob van Ruisdael – Southampton City Art Gallery 1/1964. The Dunes Near Haarlem (c. 1650)

Materials: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 70 x 65.6 cm. Acquisition date: 1964. Nr.: 1/1964. Source:…

This unassuming yet evocative landscape is typical of Ruisdael’s best work. Grass, foliage and trees are all realistically depicted and set against an expanse of stormy sky. The work also has symbolic aspects. Nature is used to show the brevity and fragility of human existence. The figures were perhaps painted by another hand, possibly the prolific Haarlem painter Phillips Wouwerman (1619-68), a common practice at the time (